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This website is published and maintained by Travaun Online Private Limited, a company incorporated and existing in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India. This page sets onward the terms and conditions under which Travaun provide the information on this Website, as well as the terms and conditions governing your use of this site. The Users availing services from Travaun shall be a natural or legal person and deemed to have read, implicit and expressly accepted the terms and conditions of the agreement, which alone shall govern the preferred transaction or stipulation of such service by Travaun for all purposes, and shall be binding on the user. All rights and liabilities of the User with respect to any services to be provided by Travaun shall be limited to the scope of this agreement. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not continue to use or access this site, or order any searches.

In addition to this agreement, there are certain terms of service (TOS) specific to the services rendered/products provided by Travaun like the air tickets, MICE, bus, holiday packages, etc. Such TOS will be provided / updated by Travaun which shall be deemed to be a part of this Agreement and in the event of conflict between such TOS and this agreement, the terms of this agreement shall prevail. The user shall be required to read and accept the relevant TOS for the service/ product availed by the user.

Additionally, the Service Provider itself may provide terms and guidelines that govern exacting features, offers or the operating rules and policies applicable to each Service (for example , flights, hotel reservation, Packages , etc). The User shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms and guidelines or operating rules and policies of the services provided with whom User elects to deal, including terms and conditions set forth in a Service Providers’ fare rules, contract of carriage or other rules.

Travaun’s Services are offered to the User Conditional on approval without modification of all the terms, conditions and notices contained in the agreement and the TOS, as may be applicable from time to time. For the removal of doubts, it is clarify that availing of the services by the User constitutes an acknowledgement and acceptance by the User of the Agreement and the TOS. If the User does not agree with any part of such terms, conditions and notices, the User must not avail Travaun’s Services.

In the event that any of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein difference with the Additional Terms and guidelines contained within any other Travaun Document, then these terms shall be applicable.


This Site is only for your personal use. You shall not distribute exchange, modify, sell or transmit anything you copy from this Site, including but not limited to any text, images, audio and video, for any business, commercial or public purpose.

As long as you comply with the terms of these Terms and Conditions of Use, Travaun grant you a non–exclusive, non–transferable, limited right to enter, view and use this Site. You agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of this Site in any way.

You may only use this site to make rightful reservations or purchases and shall not use this site for any other purposes, together with without limitation, to make any tentative, false or deceitful reservation or any reservation in anticipation of demand. You shall not make reservation in the name of untrue person(s). You agree that you will not use any device, software or routine that would get in the way or be reasonably expected to interfere with the normal working of this site. You agree that you shall not take any action that imposes a burden or load on our infrastructure that Travaun deems in its sole discretion to be unreasonable or unequal to the benefits Travaun obtains from your use of the site. You are forbidden from posting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material or any material that could make up or give confidence acts or omissions that would amount to a criminal offense or attempt to commit a criminal crime, or give rise to civil liability, or else infringe any law. In adding together, you are banned from posting or transmitting any information which (a) infringes the rights of others or violates their privacy or publicity rights, (b) is protected by patent, copyright, trademark or other proprietary right, if not with the state written permission of the owner of such right, (c) contains a virus, bug, worm or other harmful item or program that may damage, detrimentally interfere with, secretly intercept and/or expropriate any system, data or important information, (d) create any liability for us or cause us to lose (fully or partially) the services of our ISPs or other suppliers, or (e) is used to unlawfully collude against another person in restraint of trade or competition. You shall be exclusively accountable for any compensation resulting from any infringement of copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right, or any other harm resulting from your use of this site.


Travaun holds the copyright in respect of this site, and the content provided in this site, include the text, graphics, button icons, audio and video clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software, may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed without the written permission of Travaun, and/or its third party providers and distributors, apart from that you may download, display and print the materials presented on this site for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use any "robot," "spider" or other automatic device, or a program, algorithm or methodology having alike process or functionality, or any physical process, to check or copy any of the Web pages, data or content found on this site, in any case without the prior written permission of Travaun. You agree that you will not broadcast or otherwise transfer any Web pages, data or content found on this site to any other computer, server, Web site, or other medium for crowd distribution or for use in any commercial enterprise. Unauthorized use of this site and/or the materials controlled on this site may violate appropriate copyright, trademark or other thinker property laws or other laws. You must retain all copyright and trademark notices, including any other proprietary notice, contained in the materials, and you must not modify, obscure or destroy any of such notices. The use of such materials on any other Web site or in any environment of networked computers is prohibited.


All materials on this Site, as well as but not limited to audio, images, software, text, icons and such like (the “Content”), are protected by copyright under international conventions and copyright laws. You cannot use the Content, except as particular herein. You agree to go after all instructions on this Site limiting the way you may use the Content.

There are a number of proprietary logos, service marks and trademarks found on this Site whether owned/used by Travaun or otherwise. By displaying them on this Site, Travaun is not granting you any license to make use of those proprietary logos, service marks, or trademarks. Any unauthorized use of the Content may infringe copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and advertising, and civil and criminal statutes.

You may download such copy/copies of the Content to be used only by you, to help you make the buy decision on products and services offered by Travaun. If you download any Content from this Site, you shall not remove any copyright or trademark notices or other notices that go with it.


If you send any communications or materials to the Site by electronic mail or otherwise, including any comments, data, questions, suggestions or the like, all such communications are, and will be treated by Travaun, as non–confidential.


You hereby give up any and all maintain that any use of such material violates any of your rights as well as moral rights, privacy rights, proprietary or other property rights, advertising rights, rights to credit for material or thoughts, or any other right, including the right to endorse the way Travaun uses such material.

Any material submitted to this Site may be adapted, transmit, changed, copied, disclosed, licensed, performed, posted, published, sold, transmitted or used by Travaun anywhere in the world, in any medium, everlastingly.


Internet transmissions are never totally private or secure. You appreciate that any message or information you send to this Site may be read or intercepted by others if not there is a particular notice that a particular message (for example, credit card information) is encrypted (send in code). Sending a message to Travaun does not cause Travaun to have any special responsibility to you.

The copyright in the contents of this website belong to Travaun. Accordingly Travaun reserves all rights. Copying of part or all the contents of this website without permission of Travaun is prohibited apart from to the level that such copying/printing is essential for the purposes of availing of the paid services provided.


Please note that in case of special offers, promotions or schemes extra terms and conditions of these offers, promotions, schemes or contests will be appropriate in addition to these terms and conditions. You may have to stick to the payment schedule agreed under such offers, promotions, schemes or contests in order to be eligible to avail benefits under such offers, promotions, schemes or contests. If you fail to make the payment by the due date and/or do not fulfill with all the terms and conditions of the offer, promotion, scheme or contest you would not be permitted to be given the advantage under such offer, promotion, scheme or contest. The Promotions / Offers / Schemes / Contests can also be discounted at any time without giving any exact notice.


As per the current guidelines of RBI, all residents holding Indian Passport are entitled to avail an amount not exceeding US$ 2,00, 000 or its equivalent in one financial year for one or more private/leisure visits under the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ). However, the traveler cannot avail in excess of US $ 2, 5000 per visit or its equivalent in cash, except as specified in the exceptions provided by the RBI guidelines. It is mandatory for you to avail the foreign exchange component of the tour cost from under your BTQ entitlement from an authorized dealer licensed to provide such services as per the guidelines issued by RBI from time to time. You shall pay the foreign exchange component of the total tour cost at the prevailing rate to the dealer along with signed BTQ form & A2 form. You can draw foreign exchange for your personal use on tour from the same authorized dealer from your balance BTQ entitlement. This is as per GOI rules & regulations. You may carry this partly in currency, partly in traveler cheques (TC) which are safer and easily encashed for a small service fee. They can also be replaced if they are stolen or lost, if you record TC numbers and retain counterfoil subject to the rules applicable.


1) The Forex (‘FX’) payment is a part of BTQ of the passenger.
2) The immediate family/kin, e.g. father can pay for the children; mother can pay for the children stands good. However, the person paying/cardholder should also be among the travelers.
3) If husband, wife and two children are travelling together as a family, husband’s card is acceptable.
4) The cardholder cannot use his/her card for payment of another person’s tour package.
5) The card that is swiped for payment of the tour’s foreign exchange should be of the cardholder himself/herself.
6) For packages with FX (Foreign Exchange) component only, initial deposit amount collected in INR for booking, shall be adjusted towards the balance FX component at the time of final FX payment.
7) The ROE (Rate of Exchange) for the entire FX component of the tour shall be considered as per the prevailing ROE on the day final payment is being made.